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Bure Park Primary School

Learning, caring, growing, sharing


Mathematics Intent for Bure Park Primary School:

That every child who attends our school has access to a high-quality Mathematics education, which will lead them to develop their confidence and feel successful, developing both a growth mind-set and the ability to challenge any preconceptions that they may encounter with regard to their own mathematical potential. That any decisions regarding the teaching and learning of Maths, have at their heart, a clear purpose leading to a meaningful impact.


Our children will be:

  • Exposed to well-structured, well-thought-out lessons and first quality teaching, where their learning needs are at the forefront.
  • Fluent in the taught strategies that can then be applied to every aspect of Mathematics
  • Equipped with a strategy for every aspect of Mathematics
  • Able to develop a greater mathematical understanding where connections between number can be identified
  • Able to justify and explain (reason) their thinking using the correct mathematical terminology
  • Embedded with a deep conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts
  • Access the language of routine and non-routine problem-solving, understand problem-solving skills, decide on a way of ‘getting started’, and decide on the correct mathematical procedures