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Music Narrative

In the Early Years, we aim to give all children a wide and varied musical experience, allowing them the time to appreciate different styles and genres of music, explore sounds that they can make with instruments and their bodies, and to play along with pieces, finding the pulse and rhythm. We place a high value on musical enjoyment and the use of music and instruments to express feelings. We teach children a wide variety of songs and rhymes to enrich learning on a topic, modelling how to vary pitch and volume. Through using Charanga and Phase 1 listening and exploring sound activities, the children experience …

In Key Stage One, early musical experience is built upon and develops via a weekly singing workshop and instrumental lessons. Through singing workshops children are taught to use their voices expressively and creatively. Teachers use the comprehensive Charanga scheme which allows for continuity of approach and full coverage of the music curriculum. They have access to tuned and untuned instruments which they use to accompany learnt songs. They particularly enjoy using cups and drumsticks, following pattern and rhythm. Teachers access sing up to complement their topic work through song. All children are invited to participate in extra-curricular choir groups.

In Key Stage two, children explore ways to compose and record their musical experiences, and use video technology, graphic scores and notation. We ensure that children are exposed to music from different time periods and develop an understanding of the history of music. Charanga is used to deliver lessons and supplemented with the use of untuned instruments in brain breaks throughout the week. We have a large choir who perform at national events.

All children are offered peripatetic lessons, including Rock Steady, Oxfordshire Music for Schools and Guitar Lessons, covering a whole range of stringed, brass and woodwind instruments. They are invited to showcase their skills through performances, both to peers in school and the wider community through organised events. Performing as a Rock Band at school festivals has been a highlight for many.

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