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Bure Park Primary School

Learning, caring, growing, sharing

Other Important Information

Health and Safety

To help ensure children's safety any visitors must please follow our guidelines.


Staff cars and taxis only will be allowed on the school premises. Please do not bring your car into the car park.
Please use the community car park near the shops and do not park opposite the school gates or on the yellow lines in Lucerne Avenue. We ask for your co-operation regarding parking, at all times.


Please note that dogs are not allowed on the school premises at any time.


Bullying includes any persistent act of aggression whether verbal or physical. At Bure Park we seek to prevent bullying and protect victims by a policy of removing opportunities for bullying to take place, engendering a caring and informed attitude towards others and encouraging onlookers to actively disapprove of bullying.
A full statement of the school’s bullying policy is available on request

At Bure Park Primary School the Governors have agreed that:

  • We expect parents to provide appropriate clothing for such activities as games, P.E. and swimming.
  • We may ask for contributions of money, or ingredients for cookery and craft activities where the finished product is taken home.
  • Parents may be asked to pay the cost of repair or replacement for any breakage or damage to school or personal property resulting from their child’s actions.
  • Further information may be obtained from the school office. Parents requesting a discretionary waiver or reduction are required to contact the Headteacher.