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Physical Education

Physical Education

In Bure Park Primary School, PE is a very high profile and celebrated subject. In this section you will find information on the impact that the Sports Premium Funding has had on our school; how we allocate the funding; and also our School PE Mission Statement.



Primary Physical Education and Sport Premium

"All pupils leaving primary school physically literate and with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy, active lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport." (Vision for the primary PE and sport premium)

Since September 2013, all primary schools across England have received a share of the Government £150m per annum Primary Physical Education and Sport Premium. The funding is ring-fenced and must be spent on improving the provision and quality of PE and sport in primary schools so that pupils develop healthy, active lifestyles.

 The Sports Premium funding has recently doubled. Over the course of this academic year (2017-2018) Bure Park will receive £20,030.

£2,104.70 of our grant has been spent on our annual affiliation to North Oxfordshire School Sport Partnership (NOSSP).  This affiliation gives Bure Park access to regular expert advice and support from a secondary PE specialist, quality assured professional development training for teachers and teaching assistants, termly networking opportunities for our PE lead, occasional input and support from qualified sports coaches, access to regular sports competitions and festivals including national School Games competitions, support with the development and delivery of primary Change4Life sports clubs, links to quality assured community clubs and leisure providers, data collection to help measure and monitor progress and impact and regular national and local updates relating to PE, children’s health and well-being and school sport.

NOSSP affiliation also provides automatic Primary Level 2 membership to Youth Sport Trust and a range of additional benefits and support including the Youth Sport Trust Quality Mark.

For a copy of our agreement with North Oxfordshire School Sport Partnership please click here.

A further £7029.29 is paid into the Cooper School Partnership to employ a PE mentor to work alongside staff to up skill and develop the schools physical education provision. Please find further details of the role of mentors via this link - PE mentors .


Bure Park Primary School P.E Premium 2017-2018 Expenditure Analysis

PE and Sport Premium Key Outcome Indicator

School Focus






Next Steps

Increased participation in competitive sport

Membership to NOSSP



100% KS1 involved in a level 2 competition.

52% KS2. 11.2 % of Key Stage 2 children in level 3 competition. Year 5/6 won the A league Bicester Football Competition and year 5/6 girls are Oxfordshire county champions for Cross country. Higher number of children involved in level 2 and 3 competitions than previous years. The Change for life festival was enjoyed by 100% of children taking part. ‘It was brilliant can we do another one.’ ‘There were so many different sports. It was such fun.’

Build on the 52% of KS2 2 children involved in competition. Target 60% for current academic year.

Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching P.E and sport

Payment to The Cooper School Sports partnership- includes P.E mentor



100% of teachers have worked with P.E mentor over the last two academic years and all feel more confident in teaching P.E. 93% of children enjoy P.E lessons.

Emphasis on supporting NQT’s and foundation stage this year.

Work with those children who have a less positive attitude to P.E.

Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils

P.E  coach employed to run 3 after school sports clubs.



High levels of children partaking in after school clubs. Currently 70% but is predicted to increase throughout the academic year.

Target children not already involved in clubs to work with Cherwell Activators, change for life.

The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity

5 a day membership



School council have observed active breaks taking part in all classrooms. Children are enthusiastic- have performed them in sharing assembly for parents and ask to do them in class.

Daily Mile and music system for outside to work towards Active 30.

Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching P.E and sport

Purchase Rawmarsh Scheme of Work so all teachers have access to it at all times. Keep second copy in the staffroom.



All teachers feel more confident in teaching P.E. 93% of children enjoy P.E lessons.


The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity

Purchase outdoor sound system to have Boogie Bursts at breaktime. Girls observed to be less physically active than boys at playtime.



We trialled using the old music system in the summer term and an increased number of children were observed engaged in activity..


Any outstanding money will be carried over to the next academic year

This year, Bure Park has been awarded the national Youth Sport Trust award for the outstanding primary school in PE. This award recognizes our high quality PE lessons, the range of competitive opportunities experienced by a large percentage of our children and our work towards ensuring each child has 30 minutes of activity a day.

Impact of Sports Premium Funding       

Predicted September 2017 to September 2018 Participation in competition


Level 1

Level 2







Number of competitions September 2017 to July 18

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3




We have completed more Level 1 and 2 competitions than any previous years.

Percentage of children attending extra-curricular sports clubs












Children’s attitudes in PE have shown an improvement. In a questionnaire, 82% of children stated that they enjoyed PE in 2014/2015. This increased to 88.6% in 2015/2016. In 2016/2017 increased to 89.1%. In 2017/2018 this has increased to 93%. We plan to target the small percentage of pupil who have a less positive attitude currently. 

Provision for Target Groups:

We ensure that target groups and gifted children are well catered for.

Last year, Year 2 were identified as having a lower than average extra-curricular sports club participation. The Cherwell Activators were employed to work with this year group to promote physical activity. This has had a positive effect as now this targeted group (present year 3) have 59% attending active after school clubs.

We currently have a KS2 Change4Life club that meets weekly. The children undertake a range of physical activities and take leadership responsibilities within the group.

Gifted children in Year 5 have participated in the G+T Sportshall Athletics. They have qualified for the North Oxfordshire competition.

Daily movement classes are run by Alison Holland for Year 3 children. This is a specially designed programme that works on key movement skills and coordination that supports childrens’ literacy.

Historically, enthusiasm towards PE of the current Year 4s has been lower than other year groups. To help tackle this we have had a specialist FA coach working alongside teachers for Term 1 and 5. 


- 66% of Year 6 are Playground Leaders. Playground Leaders have had specialised training from our NOSSP PE mentor, who is paid for using the sports premium.  

- Since the Sports Premium Funding has started, we have set up a School Sports Organising Crew. The Crew run and plan various level 1 competitions and promote the Schools Games Values.

- We encourage all of the children to take active leadership roles in PE lessons and level 1 competiton. 

- This year we have trained 28 Year 5/6 children as Dance Leader to help promote movement at playtimes.

Teaching and Learning:

- Through data collected from questionnaires, 100% of teachers have remarked on how working alongside the PE Mentors has increased their skills and confidence in delivering high quality PE lessons. Since the Sports Premium funding began, all teachers have worked alongside a PE Mentor. This year we are focusing on supporting NQT teachers and Foundation Stage.

- PE Coordinators have attended courses and worked alongside mentors to enhance the school curriculum, with a focus on the fundamental movement skills. This has lead to an increase in physical literacy.

- All staff have received training on active lessons and active learning. On top of the compulsory 2 hours of PE each week, we are working hard towards the 30 active minutes a day target. We are accomplishing this by use of GoNoodle, Five-a-Day, skipping challenges, daily mile etc.

Physical Education Mission Statement Bure Park Primary School

All staff and governors at Bure Park Primary School recognise the contribution of Physical Education to the health and well-being of our children. In addition, it is considered that an outstanding P.E curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities have a positive influence on the concentration, attitude and academic achievement of children.

The Head teacher and the P.E Coordinators are committed to ensure that all pupils receive at least two hours of high quality P.E per week delivered by confident and well trained teachers. Regular staff training is provided for Teachers and Teaching Assistants to keep them abreast of new initiatives, ensuring P.E is a high profile subject. Whole school inset has focused largely on gymnastics and multi skills. We also have amongst our staff teachers that specialise in dance and gymnastics. A specially trained P.E mentor works alongside teachers in our school on a rolling termly programme to ensure all teachers benefit from her expertise.

From an early age competitive sport is nurtured and encouraged with both KS1 and KS2. Children are regularly involved in intra school competitions. We hold an annual Sports Week and separate Sports Day in which competition plays a key element, although participation is also recognised. Children across school have the opportunity to take part in interschool competitions. Sports festivals include cricket, cross country, rugby, dance, multiskills, swimming, football and we aim to be involved where possible in all competitions available to us, often taking B and C teams. The children’s achievements for participation and success are celebrated in our Friday sharing assembly andd on our weekly electronic newsletter.

One of our strengths is that Teachers and Teaching Assistants work together to provide a wide range of after school sporting activities. These are very popular and we have large numbers attending all of our clubs. Coupled with this, Bure Park Primary has opted into the North Oxon School Sports Partnership and through this a wide range of sporting opportunities are available to both our staff and children. This includes coaching, training, competitions leadership opportunities and so on. See the website for further details.

Another factor that contributes to our success in promoting physical activity and sporting excellence is our links with outside sporting clubs in the local area. Not only do we have sporting links with other schools, but by having links to the wider community we can ensure that our children are getting the best opportunities around with a full widespread choice when it comes to taking part in sport, whether it is a team or an individual one.  Our links include Bicester Rugby Club, Bicester Athletics Club, Bicester Hockey Club, Bure Park Juniors Football Club, Bicester Blue Fins, Paul Woods Karate Club, Bicester Trampoline Club, Elite Dance, Just Dance and  Bicester and North Oxon Cricket Club.

Pupils at Bure Park Primary School are able to develop confidence, express their feelings and raise self esteem/image through Physical Education, as it is a subject that does not depend on academic ability. The range of strategies, resources and tasks employed within each P.E lesson will ensure the needs of each child are met.

Mrs Parker and Mrs Macintyre receiving the 2018 Oustanding Primary School Award